Welcome to the Hohlandsbourg castle





LONG AGO IT WAS A FORTRESS BUT TODAY IT IS A SITE FOR LEISURE AND DISCOVERIES! THE HOHLANDSBOURG CASTLE INVITES YOU TO EXPLORE A HISTORY-FILLED SITE THROUGHOUT NUMEROUS ACTIVITIES : A protecting and healing dwelling, a hunting area, a shelter for wild animals, witches, elves and outlaws … in 2018, come live the adventure in the heart of the forest during the middle ages, a place boasting endless amusement and challenges.







Why not surpise your loved ones by offering them an original gift for a

medieval banquet


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  • Surrealistic challenges

    dfis-siteSATURDAY 27, SUNDAY 28, TUESDAY 30 and WEDNESDAY 31 OCTOBER, 2018
    FROM 10AM TO 5PM

    Magic, mysteries, spells and bewitchment!


    Entertainment provided by: Agence Expression